Official distributor of Dingli aerial work platforms in Vietnam. The available models of aerial work platforms include: Electric scissor lifts, diesel scissor lifts, electric boom lifts, diesel boom lifts, vertical mast lifts, and low-level access lifts. The distinctive feature of Dingli aerial work platforms is their excellent working height design, making them suitable for various applications in Vietnam. Dingli aerial work platforms provide high-level access solutions for buildings, warehouses, construction sites, electrical and mechanical industries, bridges, and roads, among others.

Dingli aerial work platforms are available for rental. The rental service for Dingli aerial work platforms serves customers everywhere. When you choose the "Dingli Aerial Work Platform Rental" service, you will receive advice on selecting the appropriate type of scissor lift, boom lift, vertical mast lift, or low-level access lift according to your specific needs. UMAC has been operating in the sales and rental of aerial work platforms for over 10 years and takes pride in being a provider of perfect services and solutions for our valued customers!

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